Why Solopreneur Should Hire an Accounting Firm

Hiring an accounting firm in Edmonton - ATS can manage all your accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs

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Nearly every small business emerging with a new idea to bring something better to the market has seen a gradual progress. Initially, it might be relatively simple to manage accounts of a marginal quantity, but as your small business grows, accounting becomes exponentially complicated. However, by hiring an Edmonton accounting firm, there are many things it can offer you that not only reduce your workload but can also be cost-effective with suitable return policies and tax exemptions.

If you are an aspiring solopreneur, hiring an accounting firm can help you manage your finances efficiently. In some situations, this means the difference between success and failure; while in other conditions accounting in Edmonton keeps you on the right side of the law. It ensures you stay in the best financial position possible.

Hiring an accounting firm in Edmonton like ATS Accounting and Tax Edmonton shouldn’t be seen as another overhead expense but rather be considered a healthy investment and here’s why!

Hiring an Edmonton Accounting Firm Saves You Time

Nowadays, there are a lot of things you, as the owner of your company, are already burdened with. You may not necessarily have the time or the expertise to look into all matters of the company. With so many tasks to perform and ideally to have a healthy work-life balance, it is a task to find enough hours in the day. However, there is one area of business management that needs and hence consumes more time than most: finance. Accounting is one of the most critical sectors of the company that decides your company’s financial status.

Accounting tasks include responsibilities like bookkeeping, recording receipts, tax returns, and settling financial targets. These tasks are imperative to business success and growth but are also time-consuming.

Hiring an accounting firm for your small business allows you to delegate these time-crunching tasks. It lets you focus on other important matters like growing your business and having an excellent work-life discipline.

Tax Experts That Give Sound Advice

Tax returns seem pretty straightforward, but they aren’t. There are multiple ways to reduce your tax bill. Consequently, methods can be utilized on a tax return and run throughout the year. As a small business owner, it is unlikely you have the time or expertise to use these methods, yet their ability to reduce costs can’t be underestimated.

An accountant is a professional that knows the ins and outs of the system. If there is something they are good at, it is saving money because that’s what they are meant to do.

Accountants help slash your tax bill and free up money. You may either invest the saved amount in your business or yourself.

Helps You Manage Your Financial Assets

How to manage the assets in your business? Do you know what all the assets are and their worth? Do you efficiently account for your business assets including profits, losses, credits, and debts? If not then hiring an Edmonton accounting firm helps you with this.

Hiring an Accounting Firm Helps Keep Costs Down

If you were pondering that an accounting firm rips you off your pockets, you might not be aware that they do the opposite. They not only save tax money but also save money on other aspects of cost-cutting for the company.

An accounting firm also takes care of unnecessary expenses and keeps track of all payments, thus preventing any discrepancies, mistransactions, or fraud in the company.

An accountant won’t forget about expenses such as regular payments to be made to suppliers or lenders. Amounts that you haven’t reviewed in a while, but accept as an expenditure. The accounting firm vigilantly monitors these expenses, ensuring you aren’t ever overpaying for any resources.

Maintains Punctuality to Avoid Delays

If your business involves numerous transactions with clients, suppliers, lenders, etc., outsourcing to an accounting firm is the best way to manage everything.

You can always rely on ATS Accounting and Tax Edmonton for your accounting requirements. ATS Accounting serves small businesses in a number of industries in Edmonton and surrounding areas. It makes sure each supplier gets paid on time the exact amount. This not only keeps things on track but also maintains professional relations. They also make sure nobody is overpaid, and the collections of payments from clients are done on time and in a professional manner.

Saves You from Legal Anomalies

There are multiple legal hurdles when it comes to managing an organization. An accounting firm keeps track of all your activities and transactions in a systematic order in case of a legal dispute. Many times, you are not aware of a specific law that has come into effect; an accounting firm makes sure no such things take place, and the company faces no legal complications.

Offering You Financial Counselling

If you thought an accounting firm was all about managing transactions and bookkeeping, it isn’t true at all. A proper accounting firm helps you flourish your business by offering financial advice which is beneficial for your company. An accounting firm can help you with cost-cutting and help surge your growth by offering you long-term benefit advice.

Help You in Business Planning

Whatever goals you are planning to achieve for the growth of your business, there will be financial implications. You can even face regulatory issues, such as employment law or obligations from the Revenue. An accounting firm benefits you by letting you tackle these issues confidently irrespective of whether you are expanding, developing a new product, diversifying, downsizing, selling, or winding up.

An Edmonton accounting firm lets you do what you do best. It takes care of managing your accounts so that you can focus on other critical areas of your business. The relationship between you and your accountant should not be underestimated either. Your accountant is there to answer your queries, and because they know your business’ potential, they give you informed opinions. Also, they are good sounding mediums for business propositions, plans, or financial decisions. Having somebody that you know and trust at the other end of the spectrum is invaluable.

By understanding what an accounting firm like ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton does – and knowing what to look for in an accounting firm, you can hire a great fit for your business and set up your small business for success!

ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton has experienced financial advisors who work exclusively with all small business owners. Our team of dedicated experts knows the specific risks you may face and help ensure your business is protected with the right policies and coverage limits.

Ready to get started? For more information about our accounting and tax services, book your free 15-minute consultation by calling us at 780-484-4006 or contacting us online.

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