Personal Tax Returns - T1 Income Tax Assistance

Our team of expert tax advisors provides their services to individuals looking for assistance in the completion and filing of their personal taxes or T1 tax returns. We provide advice and guidance in determining the tax slips needed to complete personal tax returns. Also, as your personal tax accountants, we identify deductions that you are eligible to claim and apply the appropriate tax credits to ensure you will not be paying more taxes than you have to.

Filing Your T1 Tax Return

As your personal tax accounts, ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton will ensure that your T1 tax return is filed on time. For individual taxpayers, your returns must be filed by April 30th but if you or your spouse are self-employed, you can file your tax returns by June 15th. However, you have to pay any tax owing to the CRA by April 30th. It’s important to note that the penalty and interest for not filing your tax return within the deadline can be significant. You can rely on our team of tax advisors to be informed about the latest tax rules and changes and accurately prepare your T1 personal tax return on time with the aid of error-free software.

Why Choose ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton for Your T1 Tax Return Preparation

Our team, at our Edmonton accounting firm, can advise you and answer all income tax questions in a simple and straightforward manner. They will also utilize their detailed knowledge of tax rules to help you maximize your tax refund or/and minimize the amount of tax owed. We also prepare your T1 tax returns accurately and file them on time. Our tax experts will also advise you on strategies and tax planning to help you minimize your future tax liability. As a result, the anxiety and uncertainty you may normally experience when completing and filing your T1 tax return will no longer be an issue. Our expert tax accountants provide you with peace of mind knowing that your return has been prepared error-free and submitted on time – all at an affordable fee!

What We Take Into Account When Preparing Your T1 Income Tax Return

Income Sources

Deductions & Credits