Accounting Services for Homeowners' Associations

ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton works with Homeowners’ Associations (HOA), including condominium associations and other common-cause realty-based organizations to provide them with financial reporting, accounting, tax services and financial audits. We adopt the best practices to ensure accurate results delivered with transparency.

We Take Care of the Financial Details

Homeowners’ Association financial reporting and accounting are two of the most challenging aspects of HOA management. Our Edmonton accounting firm manages finances and accounting for all properties. We have a dedicated team of skilled individuals who provide knowledge and experience to support the Board. By hiring ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton to manage your HOA finances and accounting, Board members will not have to spend their limited time dealing with bookkeeping and financial planning tasks.

Customized Accounting Solutions & Financial Reporting

Given the fact that Homeowners’ Associations are established as non-profit entities, all funds collected must be used to support the duties of the organization. However, even non-profit entities have to collect income and monitor expenses. Our ultimate goal is to develop accounting solutions and tax planning to minimize your taxes, and circumvent financial obstacles. Our highly experienced team of financial experts will provide regular financial reports to keep you informed of expenses. Our team also prepares budgets based on past budget performance and possible future expenses. The budgets are submitted to the Board members for review and once they are approved, we formalize them and distribute them to all owners, including any disclosure information required by law.

Our services for Homeowners' Associations include: