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Satisfaction Guaranteed Fixed Monthly Billing

At ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton, we offer our clients the option to have fixed monthly billing. We do this based on three pricing categories which take into account the size and nature of your business. Our Edmonton accounting firm charges fixed rates instead of hourly charges, so you always know how much you’re paying upfront. No surprise bills!

Consultant / Starter



/ month

This package is ideal for a new business where revenue is small but growing. We will help you get on top of your finances and tax filings. You will be provided with effective support, helping you to reach the next stage of your business.

Small Business



/ month

The majority of our clients fit into this category. You have established your business and you have a customer base. You have a team on payroll and need solid systems and processes to help keep you on track. We will take care of all your accounting needs, giving you the time to focus your time and energy into developing your core business.

A Big Small Business


Quote based on your needs

You have a solid group of staff, a solid client base, and your business is growing. We will work with you to provide the support you need to help you manage your growth with custom financial solutions to maximise savings.

Your flat monthly fee has a two tier level service package which can include the following:

Why Use Our Fixed Monthly Service?

Expert Advice

No extra fees for access to staff and partners for your queries.

Quick Response Times

Our team will respond to you within two hours of making your query.

Excellent Track Record

ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton has a proven record of success.

Painless Communications

Easy and painless interaction with friendly staff and partners.

Tax Savings

Guaranteed Tax savings for peace of mind. We ensure you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.

No Surprise CRA Tax Bill

Highly experienced tax advisors ensure that you receive no surprise CRA tax bill.