8 Benefits of Hiring an Edmonton Accountant

Your ATS Edmonton accountant can help give you time to focus on growing your business

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Are you considering hiring an Edmonton accountant to manage your accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes? Then you should be aware of the survey conducted by the software giant Sage reveals some interesting facts about accounting services and the benefits of outsourcing your accounting. Around 71% of businesses outsource their accounting services. A total of 55% of decision-makers agreed on the necessity of accounting services. Only 10% said that they don’t need to outsource their accounting services. The survey was conducted mainly in the SMB (small to medium businesses) sector.

Saves on Effort and Time

As an entrepreneur or a manager, your time is invaluable. You need to focus on your core tasks – to manage your company’s growth, keep an eye on the cash flow and seek more opportunities. Instead of going through the monotonality of transactional paperwork, you would be better off pursuing your business goals and implementing strategies. The accounting firms would take care of the painstaking task and record each of your business transactions meticulously.

Act as Trusted Business Advisors

When it comes to integrity, accountants undoubtedly have a better reputation than any other business advisor. About 44% of business owners seek the advice of their accountants prior to considering any other advisor. Around 50% of business owners believe that accountants provide them with the most valuable advice of all their personal and business acquaintances. To give you a fair comparison, only 2% of the entrepreneurs consider other professionals like bankers and solicitors to provide them with the most valuable business advice. In fact, 15% of business owners claim that they are more transparent and honest with their accountants even in comparison to their family and friends.

Maintains the Accuracy Levels

An Edmonton accountant would be more competent and experienced to handle your records. They can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. You don’t want to bring the ax on your own feet by incurring losses due to inaccuracies in your record keeping. The accounting firms may also have a separate team for audits. Your accountant could minimize inaccuracy, and prevent manipulation and fraud. Your financial records would truly reflect your business success.

Let’s You Find Your Work-Life Balance

One may not guarantee success or failure in business. One thing however you can be sure of is that you have to slog like a mule. To maintain your work-life balance, you must learn how to delegate your tasks. By nature, entrepreneurs are poor managers and organizers. No wonder, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have ADD (attention deficit disorder). These people though being creative and talented are disorganized and have poor management skills.

Entrepreneurs should outsource their accounting requirements similar to the way they delegate managerial tasks to their managers. The accountant firms would take care of the tedious tasks whereas the entrepreneurs would be able to maintain their work-life balance. Proper maintenance of your work-life balance will improve your personal relationships. The improvement in your personal relationship will act as a feedback loop. The positive vibes from your relationships will end up enhancing your morale and inspiring you to achieve even more.

May Help You in Business Networking

Your Edmonton accounting firm may also be able to introduce you to your potential vendors, investors, and clients. Due to their knowledge, experience, and insight, your Edmonton accountant may help you find the perfect business associates. What’s more, by utilizing their vast network, you might also be able to locate and recruit suitable employees.

Provides Insights

An Edmonton accounting firm like ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton may be able to analyze your business data and provide you with insights that may help you to transform your business. The insight may help you to improve your business in multiple ways. You may come to know about a neglected sector which could potentially increase your profits. Similarly, the analysis reports may shatter a perception about a business segment that in reality might not be as profitable as perceived initially. The analysis may provide you with statistics to arm with during your meetings with vendors, prospects, clients, and investors. The data stored in your computers are of no use unless you let it work for you. If you want to build your business, you cannot ignore analysis. Proper usage of the insights provided by your Edmonton accounting firm may empower you to take your business to new heights.

May Help You with a Business Plan

Due to their experience with other entrepreneurs and businesses, your accountant might be able to share stories that are relevant to you. Whether it is a success or failure saga, you can certainly learn from it. Intelligent people don’t just learn from their own mistakes, but they learn from those of others as well.

Moreover, you can pluck the ideas implemented by other entrepreneurs and use them in your business. If you are not getting anywhere with your strategies, then it would be a good idea to discuss developing new business strategies with your accountant. Expert advisors from accounting firms may clear the clutter in your plans and build a roadmap for success!

Tackles Tax-Issues

Your Edmonton accounting firm stays up to date with all the relevant federal and provincial tax laws, rules, and regulations. The tax rules and regulations change frequently. You cannot afford to invest time and effort to stay on top of every new regulation. Your accounting firm can keep your business compliant by ensuring proper actions as prescribed by the rules and regulations. It would be wise to let your accounting firm tackle your tax issues. Your accountant can also suggest ways to save on your taxes and keep as much of your hard-earned money.

With 21% of small business owners admitting that accounting tasks are one of their most significant challenges, you cannot afford to ignore outsourcing your accounting. Accounting firms are necessary for your business irrespective of whether you operate as a solopreneur or a small business. The services provided by accounting firms would remove obstacles and propel your business forward.

ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton has experienced financial advisors who work exclusively with all small business owners. Our team of dedicated experts knows the specific risks you may face and help ensure your business is protected with the right policies and coverage limits.

Ready to get started? For more information about our accounting and tax services, book your free 15-minute consultation by calling us at 780-484-4006 or contacting us online.

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