Healthcare Accounting Services

At ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton, we are dedicated to serving the medical practice accounting needs of hospitals, medical centers, doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals. Our accountants are specialized in providing tax, accounting, and practice management for the healthcare industry and can provide tailored services to fit the precise requirements of your practice. We help save you time and enable you to focus on your patients and the administration of your health facility while at the same time reduce your cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper.

Guiding and Keeping You Up to Date

The financial experts, at our Edmonton accounting firm, have extensive knowledge and insights into the operational and managerial issues faced by healthcare professionals. We also ensure that we are available whenever you need to consult with us on any accounting issues.


ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton can help you adhere to financial compliance and tax regulations that may affect you. We have a keen understanding of the healthcare service sector and are constantly kept informed about new legislation, regulations or policies that may have an impact on you. Our structured financial reports will keep you up to date and help you make informed decisions regarding the management of your practice or medical health care facility.

Customized Accounting and Tax Solutions

Our ultimate goal is to develop accounting solutions and tax planning to minimize your taxes and circumvent financial obstacles. We take care of your self-employment tax, employee wages, estimated taxes, and deductible expenses so you won’t have to worry about unrelated health matters. Our highly experienced team of financial experts will provide you with regular financial reports to keep your expenses under control and maintain a healthy bottom line.


Our financial and tax advisors will provide you with accounting solutions and tax-effective strategies that can maximize your profits while minimizing the amount of tax you pay.


What’s more, we can help you utilize leading accounting and bookkeeping software technologies like QuickBooks Online to help you make record-keeping, financial, cashflow and tax planning easy and effortless.

Our services for the Healthcare industry include: