Tax Rates Guide

Information on Carbon Tax Rates, Sales Tax Rates, and Corporate Income Tax Rates.

Carbon Tax Rate

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Sales Tax Rate

2023 Provincial GST/HST/PST Rates

Province GST/HST Rate (%) PST Rate  (%) Combined Rate (%) Provincial Websites
Alberta 5% GST n/a 5%
British Columbia 5% GST 7% 12% BC Consumer Taxes PST in BC
Manitoba 5% GST 7% 12% Manitoba Retail Sales Tax
New Brunswick 15% HST n/a 15% New Brunswick HST
Newfoundland and Labrador 15% HST n/a 15% Newfoundland & Labrador HST
Northwest Territories 5% GST n/a 5%
Nova Scotia 15% HST n/a 15% Nova Scotia HST
Nunavut 5% GST n/a 5%
Ontario 13% HST n/a* 13% Ontario Retail Sales Tax Ontario HST Ontario HST
Prince Edward Island 15% HST n/a 15% Prince Edward Island HST
Quebec 5% GST 9.975% 14.975% Quebec Consumption Taxes – Businesses Quebec Consumption Taxes – Individuals Basic Rules for GST and QST – rates
Saskatchewan 5% GST 6% 11% Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
Yukon 5% GST n/a 5%
* The province of Ontario has a retail sales tax on insurance and on private sales of used motor vehicles.  Please click on the link to Ontario Retail Sales Tax for details.

Corporate Income Tax Rate

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