Construction Industry Accounting Services

Our Edmonton accounting firm provides financial services for construction companies or contractors of all sizes. The taxes and accounts in the construction industry can get extremely messy and can face unique accounting challenges and trends that may affect their bottom line. That’s why we prefer to provide clients in the commercial and residential sectors with continuous service so that they don’t encounter accounting issues that can hinder profitability.

Specialised Solutions for the Construction Industry

Our ultimate goal is to develop accounting solutions and tax planning to minimize your taxes and circumvent financial obstacles. Our highly experienced team of financial experts helps you balance the high cost of materials and labour with the estimate of your job costs or “job costing” along with preparing certified financial statements and business plans required by the lenders. It’s not always easy to construct exceptional projects and maintain a healthy bottom line. Consequently, construction companies and contractors need an experienced accounting firm, like ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton, with years of experience in the construction industry.


Furthermore, our accountants and financial advisors are always accessible to clients and ready to assist them. In addition to choosing qualified and experienced accountants, you should be working with individuals who are accessible throughout the entire year, not just during tax season or job costing.

Performance Evaluations and Tax Management

Our team provides financial reports at regular intervals to keep you informed of expenses and revenues in order to develop forward-looking financial strategies and deal with any unforeseen issues. By doing so, we aim to assist you in evaluating the performance of your business and make the appropriate adjustments to keep your construction company profitable and growing during seasonal cycles.


We also ensure that your financial and tax records are maintained according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations. What’s more, we provide our clients with representation at a CRA audit to help them avoid costly mistakes.

Our services for the Construction industry include: