Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) Accounting Services

Our Edmonton accounting firm understands the unique aspects of accounting for non-profit organizations (NPOs) or Nonprofits. Our team of experienced financial advisors provides monthly non-profit bookkeeping, accounting, and audit services for NPOs of all sizes including charities.

Helping You Meet the Challenges

Our team of financial experts will ensure that they will be available whenever you need to consult with them on any accounting issues. ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton can help you adhere to financial compliance and tax regulations that may affect your NPO. We have a keen understanding of Non-Profit Organizations and are constantly kept informed about new legislation, regulations, or policies that may have an impact on you. We can assist you in running your NPO as smoothly as possible and advise you about the best financial decisions you should be taking and maintain transparency and accountability. Our goal is to support you in focusing your efforts on achieving your mission.

Customized Accounting Solutions for Your NPO

Our ultimate goal is to develop accounting solutions and tax planning to minimize your taxes and circumvent financial obstacles. Our highly experienced team of financial experts will provide regular financial reports to keep you and your Management and Board of Directors informed of expenses and revenues in order to evaluate the performance of your Non-Profit Organization and help you make the necessary adjustments.


What’s more, we can help you utilize leading accounting and bookkeeping software technologies like QuickBooks Online to help you make record-keeping, financial, cashflow and tax planning easy and effortless.

Our services for the NPO industry include: