6 Myths About Hiring an Accountant

Hiring an accountant always makes good sense in the long-run

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When it comes to the success of a business, hard work and dedication do count but the real responsibility is on the person who takes care of the accounts. Earning money is the real motive of any small businessperson, but running the business efficiently, keeping the money constantly flowing through all the aspects of your business, and maintaining the accounts are the tricky parts.

Do you know Phil Knight? Or his brand, Nike? You surely do. Phil Knight is the co-founder of Nike and its ex-CEO. Phil Knight was an accountant who formed the company and used the income to take the company to the top of the athletic apparel and footwear market.

Warren Buffet, a great financial mind, said that ‘accounting is the language of business.’ Business owners can make a lot of money through their hard work and marketing, but being accountable for all the money you earn and spend, gives you control over your business. Proper accounting has many perks for your business, but some business people take it lightly and fail to unlock the true potential of their business. Misconceptions about accounting, like the ones mentioned below, discourage business owners from hiring an accountant.

1) Accountants ONLY Do Taxes

This is a misconception in the minds of more than half of Canadians. Some people believe that accountants earn everything for the whole year in just four months of tax season. Accountants spend a great deal of time studying different sectors of the business world and learning the rules and regulations to tackle business emergencies and steering the money flow in the right direction. A small business accountant can be a financial advisor, problem solver, bookkeeper, investment tracker, and a lot more.

2) An Accountant and a Client Must Live in the Same Town

Thoughts like these emerge from the minds of individuals who have failed to keep up with technology. The emergence of a fast-paced technological era knows no bounds in connecting people on two different sides of the world. It is true that not all people can be trusted with money, but it does not mean that you cannot find the right accountant in another part of the country who can help you grow your business. Online measures can always be used to send documents to your accountant through a safe and legal web platform.

3) Small Businesses Don’t Need an Accountant

In economics, there are two terms called ‘macroeconomics’ and ‘microeconomics.’ Microeconomics deals with the household finances of common citizens, whereas macroeconomics deals with national and governmental expenses. In the same way, accountancy not only deals with rich people’s problems but also has the resources and tools to help even the smallest of businesses be highly efficient and fruitful. The benefits of hiring a professional accountant for a small business include – easy tax returns, directing the finances towards the needs of the business, differentiating personal and professional accounts, and problem-solving for your business. Also, most big organizations have an in-house accounting department, something that most small organizations don’t have. Therefore, it becomes even more essential for small business owners to hire an accountant.

4) You Can Do Accounting if You Can Do Math

Accountancy involves the common calculations of mathematics, but that doesn’t make it an easy process for anyone with a calculator. Accountancy is a process that includes gaining knowledge about a set of accounting laws and complying with them to create insightful reports regarding your business. It’s more than just adding up your money on a balance sheet. There has to be a proper analysis of the given data after which the accountants break down your transactions into arrays of entries and apply certain calculation methods to show the exact financial position of the business. Mathematics is the language of the universe, but the language for business is accountancy. And if you don’t know this language well, you will have to hire an accountant.

5) Outsourcing Accountancy Means Loss of Control

Remember the high school test questions about several men doing a job together to accomplish it faster. Well if not faster, then delegating different tasks to several people leads to more efficiency and decreases the amount of effort on every person. There is a common misconception that having an internal accounting team rather than outsourcing places your business in a better position to make the correct financial decisions and have more control over your business activities. The truth is that by outsourcing a company’s accounting and hiring an accountant externally, you are provided with objective financial information about your business as the professionals keep you in the loop at every point. When you outsource accounting, there are more important things related to your business that you can add to your priority list. A small business accountant can take care of your balance sheet, while you manage your work and employees much more effectively.

6) Outsourcing Your Accounting is a Security Concern

No one wants their business plans to be revealed to a rival. The account-related and financial documents of a company are closely protected as they can navigate your company to a more profitable future. Accounting firms are bound to legal privacy policies that forbid them from sharing critical information about their clients’ businesses. So, you can rest assured that the secrets of your company are safe in the hands of your small business accountant.

These myths are the result or the byproduct of a lack of knowledge and understanding of the true nature of accounting and bookkeeping. Accountants are skilled people who can utilize the proper calculation and analysis methods, and use the laws of accountancy wisely to get you out of trouble and help your business grow — hiring an accountant for your small business like ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton? It’s an easy task. While you take care of the primary transactions and services of your business, your accountant will get you through all the steps necessary to use accounting for the welfare of your business. If you’re a small business with a considerable income, you should utilize accountancy to initiate a constant growth cycle. ATS Accounting & Tax Edmonton will not only accurately maintain your accounting records but will also provide insightful advice to enable you to make informed financial decisions. We do not accept anything less from ourselves and this is what we deliver to you. Call us at 780-484-4006 or contact us online to book your FREE 15-Minute Consultation!

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